The Next Era of Tech

4 min read

Quantum Computing. It seems like that is the BIGGEST buzzword after artificial intelligence. However, a lot of the resources I used to try to understand the concepts of quantum computing were difficult to understand quickly. After comprehending the concepts myself, I decided to create this article as a easily-comprehensible guide to understanding the next era of tech: quantum computing. What Even is Quantum Computing? Today’s technology is based on classical physics. However, classical physics is limiting our technology’s capabilities, and causing computers to be less efficient. Quantum computers are based on quantum physics, particularly quantum mechanics, which explains the physical…...

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Ramandeep Saini Ramandeep Saini is a writer who covers topics in emerging tech, such as artificial intelligence. She’s served as a consultant to companies such as Walmart Canada and Wealthsimple in the past, using her expertise in tech to guide them towards their corporate goals. In her free time, she runs an art blog and enjoys volunteering with local nonprofits.