What Autonomous Vehicles Need To Become A Reality

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Humans are driving now more than ever – over the last 20 years, the number of cars produced have increased by over 50%. And, in 2019 alone, over 90 million vehicles were produced worldwide. With more and more vehicles taking the road each year, the rate of car accidents has been subsequently increasing over time. Because of this, people are suffering from dire consequences both on the individual and the macro level. Annually, over a million people die as a result of vehicle crashes globally. And, because car accidents involve heavy machinery moving at high speeds, another 20 to 50…...

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Ashwini Choudhary Ashwini is currently the Chief Business Officer at Recogni, the designers of a vision-oriented artificial intelligence platform for autonomous vehicles. He is a serial entrepreneur/company-builder with >20 years of experience and has built six startups with four exits via acquisition to various public companies.