5 Robotic Process Automation Traps to Avoid

6 min read

Advice on organizational traps by someone who’s been around the RPA block. Having worked in a few sizable companies during their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) journeys from inception to maturity, I have not only been in the pit of these RPA traps but also clawed back into the safety perimeter. This article, therefore, is based on what I’ve seen in organizations that I’ve been attached to and what I have heard from colleagues in the industry. These traps examine the macro level as a holistic organization and do not apply to individual processes or coding practices. First things first. A…...

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Sabrina Sourjah Freelance Writer for Technology & Mental Health. Works 9-5 in Enterprise Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics Process Automation at a top-five financial institution in Toronto.