How I Dramatically Increased Body Awareness Using Technology

8 min read

What is the biggest challenge of yoga practice? Is it developing muscle strength, or flexibility, or the stamina to stay in difficult asanas? Or the ability to relax and release all the stress from your body? Even if you become very strong, super-flexible and relaxed, you will hardly scratch the surface of the life-long practice called yoga. After ten years of almost daily yoga practice, the most challenging part for me is to stay aware of how my body is moving in every single moment, and to control and adjust these movements to get the most out of my practice…....

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Katia Ray Katia Ray (Perevoshchikova) is a technology expert with years of experience in LegalTech and AI implementation programmes. She is passionate about application of AI to various areas, including law, sport, entertainment, management, etc. A contributor to LEGALTECH book (coming Q2 2020). Researcher at the University of Southampton and University College London, a former researcher at the Higher School of Economics (Moscow).