Nikolas Papastavrou

  Hi, I am Nikolas, a computer science graduate at Pomona College, and I enjoy learning about innovative applications of machine learning. My first industry exposure to machine learning was when I interned in Yelp's Search team last summer. Right now, I work as a machine learning software engineer at a healthcare startup. My team builds models that predict worst case scenarios for patients at risk of medical emergencies. I am interested in investigating the social implications of artificial Intelligence and machine learning. By acknowledging potentially harmful aspects of these emerging technologies, we will be in a better position to use them ethically. In my free time, I enjoy running, reading books, debating with friends, journaling, drinking boba, and binging series on Netflix. I also like studying and practicing Chinese.


1 Stories by Nikolas Papastavrou

Transparency: a Step Towards Fairness

Pulse, a recent machine learning image reconstruction algorithm, sparked a lot of controversy. The purpose of the model was to reconstruct blurry, low resolution...
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