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  https://revolutionized.com/ Hi, I'm Ellie. Eleanor if full names are your thing. Ever since middle school I have been obsessed with science and technology. My passion for writing was born out of reading countless volumes of National Geographics throughout my life. I am the current associate editor of Revolutionized.com but my passion for writing has led me to the path of expanding my portfolio, covering a range of topics from Cybersecurity, Robotics, Astronomy, Manufacturing, and MedTech. In my free time you will find me tending to my plants or roaming the streets of some dystopian cyber city in a game (currently as a ginger cat)


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Does AI Promote the Study of Nickel?

Nickel plays a vital role in many industries, from manufacturing and metalworking to electronics. It’s a key component in everything from alloy creation –...
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