Kazi Mofrad Muntasir

  https://www.mofradmuntasir.com/ I am an MBA-educated Marketing & Strategic Insights professional with extensive experience in regular & digital marketing and business development, with a verifiable track record of achievements within the retail, and services sectors. I am a Medium top writer- writing on Personal Finance, Marketing Strategy, Growth Hacking, and Personal Branding.


5 Stories by Kazi Mofrad Muntasir

5 Steps to Improving Your Credit Score, Inspired by Oprah Winfrey’s Journey

Your Financial Report Card: How to Improve Your Credit Score. Photo by Ryan Born on Unsplash Your credit score is like your financial report card. ...
2 min read 225

7 Worst (And Common) Money Mistakes to Avoid

Money is a test. It makes you feel invincible (even if for a small time). It opens up so many options for you — asking you...
2 min read 201

How The Envelope Budgeting System Can Stop You from Overspending

Did you know, that shoppers can spend up to 100% more when using their credit cards to pay instead of cash? In a study...
1 min read 209

10 Nano Tips to Drastically Improve Your Personal Finances

Natasha Munson couldn’t be more right when she said, Natasha Munson “Money, like emotions, is something you must control to keep your life on...
3 min read 248

Warren Buffet’s Grandpa Had An Emergency Fund; Here’s Why You Should Too

Over 40 years ago, Warren Buffet found a letter addressed to his aunt when he opened her safe deposit box. The letter was from...
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