7 Worst (And Common) Money Mistakes to Avoid

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Money is a test. It makes you feel invincible (even if for a small time). It opens up so many options for you — asking you to choose. And in the end, it can generate guilt for not utilizing it more smartly. Ultimately, it’s not about how much you are earning. But about what you are doing with that and how much you are keeping. It’s hard to keep the money if you keep making some money mistakes Here are seven money mistakes that you should avoid. Seven Money Mistakes to Avoid 1. Staying loyal to expensive providers You might be sticking with…...

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Kazi Mofrad Muntasir I am an MBA-educated Marketing & Strategic Insights professional with extensive experience in regular & digital marketing and business development, with a verifiable track record of achievements within the retail, and services sectors. I am a Medium top writer- writing on Personal Finance, Marketing Strategy, Growth Hacking, and Personal Branding.