Norbert Wicki

  Norbert Wicki is a Swiss-trained financial service professional and business leader. Currently, he resides in Dubai, where he serves as the founder and president for WETEC, a consulting firm that strives to provide top-notch project management and financial consulting services to clients in the Middle East. WETEC has a particular focus on guiding European clients in their business efforts abroad. In the past, he has stood in prominent leadership positions at several well-regarded financial institutions including Dresdner Bank, BNP Paribas, and UBS, as well as founded several independent consulting firms. A bedrock of formal training supports his wealth of practical experience; Wicki holds a matura in economics, a master’s in jurisprudence, and a certification as a Chartered Financial Analyst. Now and in the future, Norbert Wicki will use his abundance of experience to boost his clients towards success.


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When Caution Becomes a Cage: A Case Study of Over-Regulation in Swiss Banks

Regulation — it’s a metaphorical referee on the financial industry’s playing field, standing ready and willing to ensure that everyone in the industry adheres...
4 min read