When Caution Becomes a Cage: A Case Study of Over-Regulation in Swiss Banks

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Regulation — it’s a metaphorical referee on the financial industry’s playing field, standing ready and willing to ensure that everyone in the industry adheres to the rules. When implemented well, regulatory forces protect consumers and create an even course for banks of all sizes and clienteles. However, not all regulation exists within a best-case scenario. Like a referee whose whistled interruptions take longer than the game itself, too much oversight can make it difficult for banking “players” to go about their work and, by extension, become a frustrating source of poor service for consumers. The Over-Regulation Burden: A Swiss Case…...

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Norbert Wicki Norbert Wicki is a Swiss-trained financial service professional and business leader. Currently, he resides in Dubai, where he serves as the founder and president for WETEC, a consulting firm that strives to provide top-notch project management and financial consulting services to clients in the Middle East. WETEC has a particular focus on guiding European clients in their business efforts abroad. In the past, he has stood in prominent leadership positions at several well-regarded financial institutions including Dresdner Bank, BNP Paribas, and UBS, as well as founded several independent consulting firms. A bedrock of formal training supports his wealth of practical experience; Wicki holds a matura in economics, a master’s in jurisprudence, and a certification as a Chartered Financial Analyst. Now and in the future, Norbert Wicki will use his abundance of experience to boost his clients towards success.