Raoof Naushad

  Artificial Intelligence @ Accubits Proud Engineer. My goal is not-for-profit. I believe in Goodness. Fighting for and alongside my people. Changing the world always overshadows income. Learning. Always,always,always,always,always. sports,athletics,travel


3 Stories by Raoof Naushad

PolyFuzz — Advanced Fuzzy Matching Framework

Alternative to fuzzy matching techniques for NLP to enhancing performance Working with natural language processing we might faced a lot of scenario to use...
1 min read

Name Matching Techniques with Python

How to correct names and words with mistranslations and misspellings using python? We do face lots of cases where we have to match a...
3 min read

Fourier Transform for Image Processing in Python from scratch

In this blog we are also implementing DFT , FFT and IFFT from scratch. First of all it is really interesting to work with...
5 min read