Why Massive Fictional Universes Are the Future of Film and Television

The Emmy nominations were only recently announced, but a winner has already been announced: comic book adaptations. But it’s more than that,...
Robert Desocio
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5 book recommendations for those who work with Digital Marketing

With employment rates going up due to the pandemic and people spending more time online, skills about digital marketing become crucial...
Gabriela Damaceno
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Semantic shift

Societal engineering and the centuries-old neglected modern autocracy Everything we see, do, or feel has a meaning. Linguistically we need specific...
Adam Tabriz, MD
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Money Story

Is It Time To Rewrite Your Money Story?

What’s Your Money Story? And more importantly, where’s your money story taken you? We all grew up with money stories from...
Sharon Raj Singh
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DDI Editor’s Pick: 5 Machine Learning Books That Turn You from Novice to Expert

The booming growth in the Machine Learning industry has brought renewed interest in people about Artificial Intelligence and what it’s really...
Bingran Lu
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4 Books that Challenge Your View on Artificial Intelligence and Society

Deep learning, robots thinking like humans, artificial intelligence, neural networks- these technologies have sparked the interest of many great minds today....
Justin Chan
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