The world is constantly evolving and advancing, with respect to information and technology. Our economies are undergoing a world of changes and metamorphosing into digitalized, technologically advanced, and decentralized spaces. 

And among the latest wave of digitalization is blockchain technology, which is quickly gaining traction because of its promises of fairness, transparency, and inclusion.

Here are some must-read articles in the space for newcomers and blockchain enthusiasts alike.

1. What are the Differences Between Bitcoin and XRP?


Bitcoin, the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2008 has revolutionized how money and finance operate. And ever since the advent of Bitcoin, a couple of new cryptocurrencies have emerged as well. One of them being XRP which was launched in June 2012. The article discusses the key differences between Bitcoin and XRP and delves into their supply and other technicalities. 

Read the article here.

2. Governance Without Government


The advent of Bitcoin has had an immense impact on the way money and finance works. Bitcoin is vital because it is money without the intrusion of the state, it is immune to the hegemonic forces of the government. 

The Internet in the near future will be built on the tenet of digital democracy and by utilizing the work and prowess of a vast pool of people, we can expect an innovative, safe, and just space that is completely inclusive and transparent.

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3. The Ultimate Security Guide for Cryptocurrency Investors


Cryptocurrencies are fast gaining ground among investors, however, the risk of fraudulent activities and crime is also looming. Cybercriminals can seek access to your sensitive data like passkeys, seed phrases, etc.

Investors must proceed with a vigilant eye as there are risks of impersonation and phishing attacks. The onus is on the investors to make efforts to keep their data safe and avoid any unpleasant experiences. 

Read this detailed security guide in order to stay safe in this volatile space.

4. Why Bitcoin Boomed and Dipped, and What’s Coming Next


An educational and informative thread by Justin Roberti, Anthony Watson, Akasha Rose, Limarc Ambalina, and Bellememelleb on Bitcoin, its evolution, the latest trends, and what will it unleash in the near future. 

Read the article here.

5. How to Create and Sell NFTs: The Essential Guide


Non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital token built on ERC-721 to identify rare artwork or intellectual property. 

This guide breaks it down and demystifies the complexity of NFTs, crypto art, and gives valuable insights for one to earn money as a creator or investor. 

Read the article here.

We hope the above stories have helped you understand the concepts and nuances that entail the whole domain of crypto, blockchain, and decentralization.

Stay tuned with us, as HackerNoon brings more engaging and intriguing blockchain stories every week.

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