Harnessing A.I. to Make People’s Lives Better

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The words “Artificial Intelligence” provoke a variety of responses in people, from suspicion to excitement. But one thing is certain, it is here to stay and will form a growing part of all our lives. Harnessing A.I. to make people’s lives better greatly excites some people and the possibilities seem endless. Its application in healthcare, education and finance are leading the charge, however there are opportunities in every sector. At Interface, we have connections into all 14 of the higher education computing schools and departments in Scotland, matching academic expertise with businesses looking to harness A.I. in all its many…...

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Suzy Powell Suzy has been a writer and journalist for 30 years, having worked in newspapers and public relations in a variety of roles. Currently working with the dynamic organisation Interface, which supports businesses and academia by making connections for research and development projects, she is passionate about innovation and SME growth. Suzy particularly enjoys writing about innovation, health and lifestyle, and food and drink.