Transcending Time

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To employ foresight and wonder what decision would be best for our future selves; to live according to what’s best, not for today, but for tomorrow; to keep close the lessons learned from yesterday; to work with the past and future self in order to optimize the present “Time is the wisest counselor of all.” — Pericles. I’ll be the first to concede — it’s an overly fantastic statement to make and a very fluffy idea, but if we open our minds just a bit and employ some out-of-the-norm mental meandering, we can begin to expand on our enigmatic relationship…...

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Michael Woronko Michael Woronko is an avid writer and explorer of all things curious. Rekindling ancient philosophical questioning in a modern context whereby humanity faces its greatest leap forward into tech, space, and the mind. A top writer in numerous topics on Medium ranging from space to mental health and a sprouting entrepreneur, Michael's motivation stems from venturing into his own consciousness, experience, and observations.