Using The [Non] Force

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Some of us may have come across, at one point or another, the ancient Chinese concept of Wu Wei, loosely translated into non-action or non-force. It’s a concept that runs counter to many of the Western qualities that we hold close to our chest — assertiveness, determination, dominance. While, in all actuality, Wu Wei can actually complement and supplement many of these qualities, it’s ostensibly looked upon as a passive and indifferent method of maneuvering through the many nuances of modern existence. This need not be the case at all. “That’s not how the Force works!”  — Han Solo to Finn, Star Wars:…...

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Michael Woronko Michael Woronko is an avid writer and explorer of all things curious. Rekindling ancient philosophical questioning in a modern context whereby humanity faces its greatest leap forward into tech, space, and the mind. A top writer in numerous topics on Medium ranging from space to mental health and a sprouting entrepreneur, Michael's motivation stems from venturing into his own consciousness, experience, and observations.