Alternative Data Analysis – RS Metrics MetalSignals

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Alternative data is now being hailed as the new oil. These data sets give a unique and timely view of the market and various industries. They provide valuable insights and help us predict events long before traditional news outlets. Two of the companies on the forefront of this data revolution are Quandl and RS Metrics. These companies have used satellite imagery and geospatial analytics to provide a novel form of alternative data. Using advanced computer vision and Machine Learning, RS Metrics provides ready-to-use data related to ground activities. One of their popular datasets is the MetalSignals set, which can now…...

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Jinghao Ke Dr. Jinghao Ke is the CIO of JCube Capital Partners. He is responsible for designing and executing portfolio selection using a blend of statistical, machine learning, and deep learning techniques, grounded in domain expertise in Financial Economics. He also co-founded Research Room where he specializes in using business domain knowledge, computing, smart technology and scientific techniques to create new businesses that involve data and smart technologies and improve existing organization strategies, policies, processes and structures