An Observation on Crypto Cycles: Is there still a Future for the Token Economy after Entering the New Cycle, Part 2

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token economy

We look at surviving or thriving in this cycle, bitcoin and altcoins adoption, and how gold will be the best investment option for the next paradigm shift. We conclude with our thoughts on the future of the token economy. In Part 1, we reviewed the crypto market over the past 6 months and analyzed the alteration of the market sentiment from optimism to anxiety by comparing the recent 2 cycles. We then used the Pendulum Theory to explain “cycles” and concluded with the Paradigm Shift by Ray Dalio. An Inciting Situation Recently, there is much news that can support our predictions…...

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Tony Tao Tony is an accomplished entrepreneur, and one of the earliest participants and contributor to the Blockchain Movement, having grown a public blockchain platform worth more than ten billion dollars. He is the founding partner of NEO Global Capital, and Secretary-General of NEO Blockchain spearheading strategy planning from 2016 to 2018. Notably, Tony is also one of the fifty experts on Alibaba's Micro-finance Forum and an advisory member for the Tencent Tengyun Think Tank. He is currently the Founder and CEO of X-Order.