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A Decomposition Of The Bitcoin Block Header

The Bitcoin block header contains important information inside the block. These are divided into 6 fields which provide details of the block...
blank Vincent Tabora
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token economy

An Observation on Crypto Cycles: Is there still a Future for the Token Economy after Entering the New Cycle, Part 2

We look at surviving or thriving in this cycle, bitcoin and altcoins adoption, and how gold will be the best investment...
blank Tony Tao
4 min read 418

What’s the Minimum Bitcoin’s Price to Make Mining Profitable?

The first time I had contact with the concept of bitcoin mining was in November 2017 and they were websites that...
blank Victor Delgado
3 min read

Can You Still Make Money With Blockchain?

We’ve all heard of Bitcoin, the first developed digital currency that allowed decentralization, and the great impact it created in the...
blank Brian Wallace
46 sec read 603

Bitcoin is still the Crypto Kingpin

Recent bounce of the Cryptocurrencies specially Bitcoin off the lows has been significant for a couple of reasons – First, it...
blank Faisal Khan
3 min read 172

The Curious Case of Satoshi Nakamoto

The Inventor of Bitcoin has been a bigger mystery than the ruling digital coin itself. People have speculated about the identity...
blank Faisal Khan
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USD backed Cryptos – An overview

The widespread acceptance & adoption of Cryptocurrencies has led the Central banks around the world into mulling over the advantages of...
blank Faisal Khan
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All Things Cryptos.Forex.Stocks — 05/26/2018

TGIF everyone & here’s my take on the 3 financial markets. The Cryptos remained firmly in the red as US Justice...
blank Faisal Khan
3 min read

What Does a Well-Diversified Digital Asset Portfolio Look Like?

In the light of the impressive cryptocurrency rally in the past eleven months, investors that have discovered bitcoin now also want...
blank John DeCleene
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