The only way Trump can win is to make voters believe that his opponents are as bad as he is. Trump has repeatedly been shown to be incompetent, corrupt, and possibly insane. To make matters worse, Trump only wants to hire people who are as bad or worse than he is. Considering the situation, the Trump campaign has only two tactics to use. Trump must lie about his own success. Trump and his campaign must make up stories about his opponents. This story examines some of the many stories Trump and his cohorts used to degrade his former opponent, Hillary Clinton. Amazingly, many of Trump’s supporters actually believe this foolishness. Even more amazing, Trump and his supporters seem to think Trump is still running against Hillary Clinton as these stories are still big hits at the Trump rallies.

Sensational Conspiracy theories are fun. These theories get high ratings. Such ratings are the reason that The Travel Channel is now more like ‘The Ghost Channel.’ Or, The History Channel has turned into more of a ‘UFO Channel.’ People have loved to tell ghost stories for thousands of years. These sensational stories are a fine form of entertainment.

When it comes to politics, conspiracy stories can cause great harm to our nation. Trump is known to be a peddler of false political conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories helped get Trump elected. Now, consider the mess our nation is in due to our having elected Trump. The list of conspiracies below is a few of Trump’s greatest hits from the 2016 campaign that still get a lot of play even today.

One has to wonder what is coming for the 2020 campaign. I am sure the Joe/Hunter Biden conspiracy is just the beginning. Unless Trump is removed from office, the conspiracy theories will get much worse and we can expect more PizzaGate-like violence.

The Conspiracies


PizzaGate is one of these strange ‘Clinton Conspiracies.’ Pizza Gate involves a Clinton child sex ring. In this one, ritual Satanic sexual abuse was being inflicted on children by the Democrats in a pizzeria of all places. I do have to admit, these conspiracy theorists do have some vivid imaginations. Who would have ever thought of mixing pizza and pedophilia?

Some believe that PizzaGate morphed from a tweet by Michael Flynn about Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta. Flynn tweeted that ‘John Podesta, drank the blood and bodily fluids of other humans in Satanic rituals.’ Flynn went on to become Trump’s first national security advisor. Flynn is one of the primary characters that can be read about in the Mueller Report. Flynn has pleaded guilty to crimes charged by Mueller. Flynn is awaiting sentencing.

The Q-Anon Conspiracy

Q-Anon is the strangest conspiracy theory that I am aware of. Wikipedia describes this conspiracy as a plot by the ‘deep state’ against Trump and his supporters. Trump faked Russian collusion in order to get together with Robert Mueller and try to expose an international child sex trafficking ring that includes several liberal Hollywood actors, high ranking government officials, and Democratic politicians. By exposing this child sex ring, Q-Anon hopes to prevent a coup d’etat by former President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George Soros. It is amazing that anyone believes this story.



I do find this Q-Anon phenomenon to be very interesting. There is an international child sex ring that may involve some very powerful people, including Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew. This sex ring is the one that involved Jeffrey Epstein. Q-Anon began in late 2017. The allegations against Epstein and his powerful friends had been well known for over a decade by 2017. Considering Trump’s history of deflecting and projecting his own bad behavior on to others, it would be consistent for him and his allies to create a story such as Q-Anon and spread it.

The Clinton Body Count

Since the 1980s, the Clintons have been extremely busy killing people. See this article from Wikipedia for more on the ‘Clinton Body Count.’ To have killed all these people and leave no evidence requires a massive infrastructure akin to the Mafia. One has to know that they can completely trust the hitmen that carry out these killings. Not only that, but these hitmen have to be so good, that they leave no trace. These hits have to be carried out away from Bill and Hillary so that they will have alibis. The only infrastructure around the Clintons appears to be Chelsea. I suppose Chelsea is the one that actually killed all these people. You have to admit that Chelsea is good, especially since some of these murders took place in the 1980s when she was a toddler. I forgot the Clintons did have the pedophiles at the pizzeria to do all these murders for them. Somehow, I do not see a group of pedophiles as being the perfect ninjas the Clintons would have needed.

I believe the first of these deaths was probably connected to Barry Seal’s operations. Allegedly, Barry Seal was involved with CIA operations against the Sandinistas. This Nicaraguan operation was supposedly carried out through a base in a small town in Arkansas. This story is not satire and it is very interesting. Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.

Benghazi and Emails

I had a very difficult time following the Benghazi investigations. Ten investigations, many led by Republicans in Congress, found no wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton. When the investigators could find no fault with the Secretary of State’s actions involving the death of an Ambassador and his security complement on the other side of the world, their investigation somehow moved to the Clintons’ private email server.

Only really rich people would have their own email server? Right? This is clearly wrong, as I am certainly not rich and I have had my own email server before. Any small business can easily set up their own email server with Microsoft Exchange. I quickly learned that I could not secure the email server as I was getting constant spam messages. It was much easier to use the security resources of a giant company through the web-based email services of Microsoft or Google.

One has to wonder why Hillary Clinton would want her own email server. The most obvious answer would be, having been one of the most famous people in the world, Hillary Clinton wanted some privacy. Mixing personal and business email has caused problems for many. Regardless of the reasons, nothing came of this ‘email investigation,’ just as nothing has ever come of any investigation into the Clintons. After years of investigations into the Clintons, the only bad behavior found was marital infidelity.

Some people will point to the destruction of computer hard drives containing government emails as evidence of wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton. There is a much more rational explanation for the destruction of these hard drives. It just might be, that the destruction of hard drives had to do with the protection of classified information, not obstruction of justice. This would be the most obvious explanation.

Similarly, IT staff asserting their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination may also have a rational explanation. The laws regarding computer crimes are notorious for not having kept up with changes in technology. Even more troublesome were the changes that had recently been enacted regarding the handling of classified email. It would have been possible for IT staff to have broken laws they did not even know existed due to ambiguity within the law. A party’s assertion of their Fifth Amendment rights is not an admission of guilt. This scenario is a perfect example of where Fifth Amendment protection would help an innocent person.


None of these obvious defenses to these Benghazi/Email allegations really matter though. Those who want to see a conspiracy will see a conspiracy in anything. As has already been noted, some of these people will even see a pizzaria as a den of pedophilia. The real point of the investigation was to hurt Hillary Clinton politically before the 2016 election. Therefore, this investigation succeeded in its primary mission. See this video from Bloomberg Politics on YouTube for the true motivation of the Benghazi hearings.

Hillary Clinton Should Be Locked Up

I never could figure out why the Trump supporters wanted to lock up Hillary. I suspected that it was just a silly chant in the WWE Wrestling type environment of Trump’s rallies. The best explanation is these chants are being made by gullible people who are being misled by the other Clinton conspiracy theories that Trump peddles.

Seth Rich’s Murder

This is part of the ‘Clinton Body Count,’ but deserves a special mention due to the unusual circumstances. I do not like mentioning this story because such stories have tormented the Rich family. Yet, there may actually be a conspiracy here. Seth Rich was killed on July 10, 2016, in what was probably a botched robbery. On July 11, 2016, the political conspiracy theories started to circulate. Seth Rich was a low-level staffer. How did the conspiracy start so quickly? Who would have the infrastructure to carry out such a murder and leave no evidence? Whose cause was advanced by the murder and the spread of a conspiracy theory? The only organization that meets all these requirements would be Russian intelligence.

The Clintons were the perfect target for such a conspiracy theory due to the ‘Clinton Body Count’ conspiracy theory that already existed. What is one little murder to Russian intelligence agents? It is not uncommon for Russian intelligence agents to kill people in other countries. Just ask the British. See The Long History of Russian Deaths in the UK Under Mysterious Circumstances from The Independent for more on these murders within the UK. I will defer to the DC police and believe this unsolved case was probably a botched robbery. However, I am not going to be blind to the second-best explanation.


People really need to wake up. Anyone who spends a great deal of effort promoting ridiculous claims about his opponents has a serious problem. With Trump, there are two serious problems that lead him to focus on slanderous stories about his opponents. First, Trump needs to degrade his opponents to make his own misdeeds not look so bad. Second, Trump’s failure to accomplish anything since taking office needs to be covered by portraying any opponent as being even worse. For anyone who thinks Trump has accomplished anything as President, I suggest looking at my story, 6 Falsehoods Trump Tells His Supporters and His Supporters Believe Him at this link.

A Trump supporter would resort to ‘what about ism’ and claim that there are plenty of conspiracy theories coming from the Democrats. They would cite the ‘Russia’ hoax. Clearly, there is a big difference between the Russia Investigation and conspiracy theories like PizzaGate. The Russia Investigation was supported and advanced by the intelligence and crime-fighting organizations our nation has trusted for decades. Of course, to many Trump supporters, these organizations are just the ‘deep state.’ PizzaGate was supported and advanced by some guy with a gun that shot up a pizza restaurant. See In Washington Pizzeria Attack, Fake News Brought Real Guns from the New York Times. The Russia Investigation was reported on by media outlets and news organizations that our nation has been able to trust for decades. PizzaGate was reported on by Russian bots on social media. There is a clear difference between Trumpian conspiracy theories and legitimate national security investigations.

One way to determine the difference between a fringe media outlet and a true outlet of the news is that a news outlet will admit when it is wrong. A real news outlet will retract a story that does not meet the journalistic integrity requirements of the profession. The fringe outlets and Russian bots never admit when they are wrong. Outlets that never admit when they are wrong, exist only for the perpetuation of propaganda or the attainment of high ratings through sensational reporting.

The American voters must not only ignore the foolishness that is portrayed as ‘news’ by questionable sources but must also admonish those who spread and believe such foolishness. There was a time in this country when papers such as the National Enquirer were viewed with disdain by the overwhelming majority of people. Now, National Enquirer type stories are very popular with fringe outlets and a large percentage of the population believe these conspiracies. The culture of the nation has degraded to a level of gullibility and ignorance that almost anything will be believed by many Americans. Only through the efforts of good Americans, can the spread of fake news be defeated.

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