Solving the Skills Shortage Part 1: Retention.

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The IT sector has a skills shortage. In 2018 70% of tech employers said they expect a talent shortage. Cybersecurity is the hardest hit. So what can we as an industry do about this? It’s not good enough to say to recruiters “do better”. It’s not viable to keep increasing salaries to match a demand which will continue to grow. The reality is much worse than the figures suggest. LetsDevOps, DevSecOps, Machine Learning etc, all these specialisms didn’t exist 5–10 years ago. So how many of your employees are trained to fulfil their roles to a high standard? To truly…...

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Giles Hinchcliff Giles’ mission is to make companies more dynamic, flexible and profitable. Focused on speeding up the time from idea to product release he has taken this skill and applied it to the security sector. Using DevOps methodologies in numerous companies, and the experience of implementing them in many ecosystems, he’s able to increase company security without losing the flexibility that modern business needs to succeed.