Has General AI Exceeded the Intellectual Capacity of Humans?

2 min read

Machines are outsmarting humans not only in games but also in the labor market. In many fields today, the use of pattern recognition and big-data analysis show how AI’s capacities have already exceeded those of humans. Algorithms are increasingly being used in finance, human resources, and medicine – to do things that humans were either unable to do, or unable to do so well, or as fast. Machines today do not only perform mechanical or manual tasks once performed by humans, but they are also performing thinking tasks, where it was long believed that human judgment was indispensable. From self-driving…...

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Jake Effoduh Jake Okechukwu Effoduh is an international lawyer and partner at Praxis & Gnosis Law, Nigeria. He is a 2019 Vanier Scholar, holding one of Canada’s most prestigious academic awards. He conducts research and works in the field of artificial intelligence law and human rights in Africa.