Microsoft Having An ‘Edge’ Over Chrome

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A comeback from the revered underdog A Brief History I was never a fan of browsers, well to be exact I was only a fan of one, Chrome. It has been my reliable go-to browser for the last 5 years, no real contender has shown some good reason for me to move away from chrome. Overall it is just a perfect browser for me. I use Chrome for browsing (obviously) and web development, for web development it is the go-to tool to use. There are many debugging tools made for Chrome, my favorites are the Vue.js devtools, Wappalyzer chrome extension, Clear…...

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Agustinus Theodorus Agustinus currently works as an IT Architecture and Web Services Staff at Bina Nusantara IT Division. Handles crucial API for the company's core data process. His hobbies include reading, writing, and coding (obviously!). His interests include automation, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. Though he isn't a tech-specific writer, you can read more about Agustinus and his works on his blog.