Three Amazing Ways Technology Can Diagnose Coronavirus

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The Coronavirus Virus or Virion as biologists know it is only about 200 nanometers in diameter and it is spreading across the globe like wildfire.  But how will you know when you get the Coronavirus or even the regular flu? You could get tested?  Still a far more interesting question is how technology can diagnose you remotely… and sometimes without your consent.   Social Media Mining  Originally when we got sick we had to complain to our family. Then they invented money and work so that we could finally complain to our colleagues. People at work later devised computers and over…...

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Dave Rauschenfels I began my career in manufacturing as a tech analyzing the origin of production problems. Then after ten years I realized that I was only investigating part of the problem. Today I am a freelance research analyst and ghostwriter for consulting companies. My work has also been published in Curious Droid and DisrupterDaily.