The greatest financial lesson from the current pandemic

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emergency fund, finance, strong, thrive

The lockdown due to the current health crisis has impacted everyone mentally, physically and financially. However, the financial impact from the lockdown will affect individuals and businesses unequally. While some companies and people focus on surviving, the other group will use all its resources to thrive during the crisis. So what is the biggest distinction between the 2 groups? Cash. A recent Fed survey has shown that 40% of American adults are unable to cover a $400 emergency expense. Be in the remaining 60%, or better yet in the top 10%.  Companies with resilient balance sheets with sufficient cash and…...

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aperera Ashain is a Civil engineering graduate from Swinburne university with a passion for fitness and finance. He is currently working as a quality engineer for Bombardier and invests his time in research within the financial sector and the broader economy. Addicted to books, podcasts and learning.