We Are All in a Boat, But Not in the Same Boat

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What can we learn from the crisis , and how can we come stronger out of the corona crisis? “We are all in the same boat now.” – Yes, that is partly true: We are in a boat, or on a ship. We are on board the spaceship Earth, which sails through the infinite space. And a storm has hit us, an emergency. We are all in the same storm, but we are not all in the same boat. And the storm, the state of emergency, strikes us differently, depending on what kind of boat we sit in. We are all onboard different boats. Some have a luxury…...

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Øivind H. Solheim Manager and CEO of Kompetanse Vest. Former language teacher in Upper Secondary Education and an adult education manager, now a full-time writer, based in Bergen, Norway. Øivind writes articles and essays on personal development, love, and relationships, writing, nature, hiking, philosophical questions, mindfulness, the world, our future. He also writes novels, poetry, short fiction, and experimental texts. Published five books, four novels, and a poetry book and a French school book, creator of online courses in writing and French language learning. Leads Kompetanse Vest partnerships in various European collaboration projects in the field of adult education, competence development, and life long learning. Øivind's passion is writing, hiking, nature, photography – he is interested in teaching, conveying insights in competence development, intelligent aging, quality relationships, future, personal development, automation, AI, and the impact of modern technologies on our economy and society. You can read more on this here: https://medium.com/@oivind47 Øivind writes in English, Norwegian, French, and German. He has over the last 40 years published articles, essays, and poems in various publications, for the last two years also more than 600 stories on Medium.com.