8 questions about the digital transformation investors should get answers from every CEO

7 min read

Hardly anything is as exciting as business. One of the most attractive aspects is certainly investing in young start-ups or established companies that are heading for new, digital horizons. It is not only an opportunity to invest money wisely, but also a valuable contribution to the further development of economy and, at the same time, to gain first-hand insight into exciting new developments. It is precisely the rapid digitalization of recent decades that has created entirely new business areas. Understanding technologies and approaches down to the tiniest detail cannot and need not be the task of investors. It is the…...

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Uwe Weinreich Uwe Weinreich works as a freelance management consultant and interim manager focusing on agile innovation management and digital transformation for medium-sized and large companies. Together with some colleagues he founded CoObeya.net, a network of experts. With their consulting expertise the members create strategical advantages by strengthening innovation processes and corporate culture for innovation and digital businesses. A main activity is supporting digital transformation. This focus is not at least based on Uwe's professional experience which relies not only on being a strategy consultant and interim manager but also an entrepreneur in three digital business models: he launched a b2b-business-platform, an online survey-platform and a mobile learning solution. All three businesses have since been sold. It's his broad national and international experience as a business executive and entrepreneur that gives him a deeper insight into management challenges than pure consultants might have.