Stock Donations: What To Know

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There are plenty of traders and investors that are separately also trying to figure out the best ways to donate their money. It may not be the most obvious, but integrating your investment strategy with your philanthropy is the most tax-effective tactic. One of the best things about stock donations is that you can donate to any 501c3 charity, similar to cash, while also helping to optimize your portfolio. The global philanthropy sector continues to grow, and there are plenty of important causes that require money and resources year after year. However, you might not be aware of exactly how…...

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Alex Chung Alex is a machine learning product management lead at a major tech company. In his free time, he is studying social impact, new technologies, and investment/personal finance strategies. He partnered with a San Francisco Bay Area non-profit to start, a tool for investors to donate with stock, and remains on the board. Prior, he ran a global hedge fund focused on emerging market debt.