Mentoring sucks

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I know that is a strong statement; quit reading if you disagree, it’s about to get worse. This is how someone might become a mentor. They watch a TED talk, let’s say Simon Sinek, and learn the golden circle, why, how, what. Maybe they also read a blog post, let’s say, “How to Implement OKRs in an Early-stage Company” from Brian Balfour. Then, all pumped up, they get out and teach young startups what they ‘think’ they have learned. Worse yet, they don’t bother investing a lifetime in learning what others have conceptualized and go on with their certainties and…...

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Pierre Gaubil Pierre has spent 25 years in France and Silicon Valley as an entrepreneur. Pierre successfully co-founded three startups and one fund, CAST, Days of Wonder, Sensopia, and The Refiners Fund 1. CAST went public in 1998, Days of Wonder and Sensopia were each sold. A seasoned entrepreneur, Pierre has spent over 15 years in the U.S. and managed companies in nine different countries. His expertise lies in enterprise software, mobile application, publishing, startup early-stage investment. Pierre is also a passionate drummer and music lover.