Eat to live, not live to eat

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For many who know me socially, I am the one who devours a lot. At parties, I am the one picking giant steaks, double burgers, and repeats on desserts. I have never cared about any specific diet. I eat what I like when I feel like it, and as much as I please. A close family member, who is an authority on nutrition and weight loss, recently commented that I have very healthy eating routines. How is that possible? I am sharing my lifestyle practices because they seem to work for me. Due to a minor disability, I never was…...

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Henryk A. Kowalczyk An engineer by training, an argumentative writer by calling, and an entrepreneur by necessity. In my youth, I was among those Polish political writers who paved the road to the peaceful system transformation that took place in 1989. Since 1985, I have lived in the Chicago area. Working in the service business, I have experienced an America not known to most politicians and political writers. I have built from zero a few successful businesses, both in Poland and in the United States. I write whenever I see that the prevailing voices in the political arena are misleading or erroneous. I write to tell it like it is.