How To Choose Your First Techstack

5 min read

So many frameworks, with so little time. Save yourself the trouble and choose! For all these years in the tech industry. I assure you that I have had my fair share of technology. A multitude of different frameworks aiming to achieve the same thing with their own different takes. Teams that prefer different tech stacks. It doesn’t matter what you learn but how fast can you adapt. In this article, I might not give you exact answers to what you should choose. Because I believe that you should find what is comfortable for yourself. I would just explain what my…...

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Agustinus Theodorus Agustinus currently works as an IT Architecture and Web Services Staff at Bina Nusantara IT Division. Handles crucial API for the company's core data process. His hobbies include reading, writing, and coding (obviously!). His interests include automation, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. Though he isn't a tech-specific writer, you can read more about Agustinus and his works on his blog.