Deep Tech Dive #2 | Faisal Shah Khan Co-Founder & Chief Advisor to Dark Star Quantum Lab

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It’s a quantum world, and we just live in it.

Can you tell me a brief history of how you got involved in quantum computing?

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How did you come to be the Co-Founder and Chief Adviser for Dark Star Quantum Labs?

What products is Dark Star building/offering?

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How do these quantum chips differ from the ones they manufacture at Intel?

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What does this have to do with the quantum communication system in China?

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Where did you believe this all started for China?

I read somewhere that they predict by 2024 China will have an unhackable internet running in Beijing. Why aren’t other countries talking about doing the same?

How can you encourage more investors to want to finance companies competing in this space so we can see a larger quantum ecosystem?

How can having fun lead to solving real-world problems?

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Is this Philosopher stone synonymous with the stone of immortality?

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What’s a good use case for the Philosopher’s stone?

In the past, you’ve stated that we are in the first generation of Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ). Is Dark Star or any other quantum tech companies trying to build the next generation of NISQ processors?

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What would a product using Nash Embedding as the center model look like in real life?

The next upcoming Ant-Man moving highlights the quantum world.

Could Nash Embedding be a solution to quantum teleportation?

Provided by C-Y Lu from Physics World

For the average non-technical person, interested in the industry where should they start?

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