The Only AI Exhibition in Korea – AI Expo Korea 2021

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On March 24-26, 215 booths showcased the latest artificial intelligence technology at AI Expo Korea – Korea’s only artificial intelligence exhibition.  Organized by Korea Artificial Intelligence Association, Seoul Messe, and Artificial Intelligence Times, AI Expo Korea 2021 took place at Coex Convention Center for people to discover and celebrate companies pioneering in the local AI industry.  This year, 150+ companies including Naver, Microsoft, and Megazone Cloud participated from various industries:  AI Elemental Technologies: AI Chip/CPU/GPU/FPGA/TPU/BPU, Machine learning, Natural language processing, Deep learning, Reasoning & learning function, Image recognition, AI computing, AI solution, AI platform, etc. AI Applications & Services: Smart…...

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Jiwon Kim Jiwon is an Online Community Manager at Drizzlin Media, a digital marketing agency 'humanizing brands'. She is passionate about Strategy, Data Analysis and Data Visualization. She writes articles mainly about Artificial Intelligence in Korea.