Deep Tech Dive #5 | Norris Tie Co-Founder & CEO of Exosonic, Inc.

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From Sub to Super, in Silence

Norris if you could tell me about yourself and what led you into this field of supersonic flight?

When was the idea of Exosonic conceived?

What about the boom prevents supersonic aviation from being widely adopted?

Produce by gfycat

What’s the timeline for Mach 1.8?

How did you come to be a company?

How does it feel to be the founder of a deep tech company?

Any big wins so far with this multi-product approach?

If you are attracting really intelligent people, that is a notion of what you have accomplished thus far. And that’s the way it should be, recruit smarter.

What are some external forces that could push you guys forward?

For a non-college graduate, what would it take to get into your industry?

What do you think needs to change about recruiting?

Andrew Kirima Andrew was born in Kenya and moved to the US when he was 3. He graduated in the class of 2020 from the University of Arizona with a B.S. in Systems Engineering and a minor in ECE (Electrical & Computer Engineering). His entrepreneurial endeavors began senior year of college when he and some classmates founded Facade Technologies to sponsor their own Senior Design Project. They built a desktop application named Facile that can compile APIs to automate other applications. Right now, he is the CTO of Sencha Credit, an early stage fintech company, where they are working hard to develop the debit card that builds credit. Their mission is to empower everyone to build credit effortlessly and reach new financial heights! He loves to share his enthusiasm for the acceleration of technology on his blog, as he encourages entrepreneurship while exhibiting his passion for deeptech. Andrew understands that the speed of innovation is exponential, but he’s worried it takes too long for organizations to utilize new innovation, so his mission is to teach & demystify the complexity of deeptech to everyone. “Humans beings are evolving. Some believe we’re transcending into a new paradigm of evolution, and I want people to embrace that future.”

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