There’s more to building a digital company than using the word ‘digital’.

As you go through your digital journey, how many of these are relevant to you?

Design Thinking. Are you walking the walk or just talking the talk?

Please raise your virtual hand if you have recently participated in (or organized!) a Design Thinking workshop.

Screengrab by author after searching “Design Thinking” on Google

Product Managers. Are you learning from the latest thinking?

There are lots of different ways of describing product managers. The one I most like, even if it’s tough to actually find someone like this, is as follows.

A product manager is the person who rolls over in bed in the morning and, before doing anything else, checks to see the metrics of how users engaged with the product since yesterday…

It’s easy to make the case that insurance doesn’t lend itself to the same product management approach that a social media app, or a streaming service, or a smart thermostat would. Fine. But does that mean you can’t learn anything from a product manager’s approach and mindset?

Are you building a digital business or a digitized business?

For years I thought this was simply two variations on the same word — like aluminum or aluminium, or specialty and speciality. One day in a workshop with Google it was explained to me.

Where is your customer journey?

I’ve run workshops with dozens of companies, in and outside insurance, on ‘journeys’. Depending on the aim we’ve come up with data journeys, decision-making journeys, digital journeys, engagement journeys, and a whole range of other journey types.

Using digital to understand pain points. Pragmatically.

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

What your customers want is that you can help and engage them when the tech fails.

Are you listening to your digital natives?

My final point related to using those members of staff who will have different insights to the decision-makers. This gives you invaluable (and free) insight while making your staff feel more empowered.

Too many companies forget that within their staff is their target audience.

Sure, you can’t simply replace external focus groups with a chat with your new joiners, but think about what meetings, what workshops, what product reviews a young, fresh, digital native voice could help with.


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