Development Process: From Product Concept to Manufacturing

4 min read

In the first decade of my career, I worked for startups and highly innovative teams. Only recently, I accomplished an MBA in Italy, a country that is very experienced with manufacturing, and after starting to work for a car manufacturer myself, I had the opportunity to see what it means to actually take a product to mass production. Here is a simplified description of the flow of tasks and key milestones in the product life cycle, from an early idea to the hands of a customer. Phase A: Find a Concept Companies vary a lot in the way they arrive to…...

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Shachar Oz User experience oriented product owner with implementation skill-set. Passionate about bridging business goals with product identity. Extensive background in agile development cycle from prototype to release in both startup environment and corporate one. Hold an MBA for supercars and motorsports, and works in the italian automotive industry. Runs a consulting agency and augments innovation teams in the path-finding towards the right product. An invited speaker about effectively using game mechanics, emergent technologies, and designing engaging experiences. Teaches about entrepreneurship, user experience and discovering innovation, fast prototyping with Unity3D, robotics, and gamification.