Buffet’s Best Bet on Climate Change

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There was an important lesson to be learned in Warren Buffet’s last Berkshire shareholder meeting. The lesson was; ‘A good investor invests in something that they have an edge in’. Multiple people were probing Buffett and Munger about investing in companies and assets that they do not currently invest in. Their answer was simply ‘to invest in anything we have to ask ourselves, what do we know that others do not know?’ If you know something better than others; or know something that others do not know, then you got yourself an investing advantage. Today we will discuss some of the potential…...

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Mike Hassaballa Mike earned a master’s degree in applied science in 2013, then he launched his career in the data centre industry. In 2015, he shifted gears and took on a Lead Engineer role in a company developing emission reductions technology. He then moved in 2018 into energy consulting. Mike focuses on most critical issues and opportunities in business: strategy, operations, technology, transformation, advanced analytics, and sustainability. Mike writes fascinating stories meant to be read by anyone. He excels in simplifying complex subjects and bringing a fresh new perspective to pressing issues.