The World Is a Masquerade!

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We are run by fools and fanatics! (Photo from freepik via The world is a masquerade. We are run by fools and fanatics. There are endless problems in the world. Too many to list, but I was thinking that it would be an intellectually challenging exercise to try to put my finger on it. A foolish endeavor you may think. Maybe. Only a fool or a Wise Man could seriously pretend to know the answer to this question. I happen to know a wise and eccentric philosopher (Bertrand Russell) who pondered over this question and who came up with…...

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Joanne Reed Joanne Reed is the author of "This Is Your Quest – Your Mission: To Experience Happiness Along the Way". Stories teach us about life, about ourselves, and about others. She discovered the art of blogging a year ago and writes about anything that nourishes and educates the mind with a zest of philosophy, plenty of good vibes, and this little je ne sais quoi.