5 New Rules of Becoming Successful in a Digital Economy

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person using black iPad

The digital economy is a new norm. But most people still do not realize that and do not take advantage of this enormous opportunity to build a life full of freedom. We can achieve our goals faster and with fewer efforts thanks to AI, software, and bots.  Relying on one source of income, especially from a job, is too risky in the current economy. You don’t have to quit your job today, but you can build your online business as a side hustle or freelancer.  Nothing will happen overnight, but if you are persistent, you can change your life in…...

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Jerry Keszka Jerry Keszka is a content creator and digital marketer writing about business, AI, technology, automation, and its advantages in running a business. He also communicates the mindset aspects of running a business and how to thrive in a digital era. He provides valuable information for anyone looking to start or grow a business in today's digital world. Jerry is a top writer on Medium in Entrepreneurship and Productivity.