Energy Storage Now

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Anyone with ~1 week of honest research can understand why What’s Up With Solar And Wind? Not all renewables are created equal. Some are better than others. When looking for an energy source for power generation, the best form is a reliable one than can deliver large amount of power 24/7. For example, Hydro is a a renewable energy source that provides reliable baseload energy. However, when it comes to some other forms of renewable energy, things become different, and reality strikes. Solar and wind energy are intermittent renewable energy sources. In layman’s terms, the wind may not blow all day,…...

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Mike Hassaballa Mike earned a master’s degree in applied science in 2013, then he launched his career in the data centre industry. In 2015, he shifted gears and took on a Lead Engineer role in a company developing emission reductions technology. He then moved in 2018 into energy consulting. Mike focuses on most critical issues and opportunities in business: strategy, operations, technology, transformation, advanced analytics, and sustainability. Mike writes fascinating stories meant to be read by anyone. He excels in simplifying complex subjects and bringing a fresh new perspective to pressing issues.