How ML can help reduce waste and increase sustainability in logistics

2 min read

The past decade has seen an immense surge in demand for ecommerce solutions, consequently causing an increase in traffic congestion and consequential carbon emissions. The World Economic Forum predicts that without addressing this problem at a large scale, the ever-increasing reliance on commercial vehicles for deliveries is set to increase congestion and emissions by over 30% globally by 2030.  Electric vehicles are one way to reduce this impact, but they are expensive and require significant infrastructure investments. The global push for EVs should be supplemented by advanced technologies like machine learning in the logistics and automotive industries to achieve rather…...

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Andrey_Koptelov Andrey Koptelov is an Innovation Analyst at Itransition, a custom software development company headquartered in Denver. With a profound experience in IT, he writes about new disruptive technologies and innovations.