Unleashing the Artistic Revolution: Text to Images with AI Magic!

1 min read

Stable Diffusion, an AI technology that generates images from textual descriptions, has recently garnered attention for its novelty and potential excitement. This groundbreaking development holds significant promise for several reasons. Firstly, the capability to generate images solely based on textual input represents an unprecedented achievement in the field. Secondly, it addresses two key challenges that conventional image searches encounter. The first predicament pertains to the rights associated with images sourced from platforms such as Google. Users often lack ownership rights for the pictures they find, presenting a legal and ethical quandary. The second issue relates to customization limitations. When attempting…...

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Mike Hassaballa Mike earned a master’s degree in applied science in 2013, then he launched his career in the data centre industry. In 2015, he shifted gears and took on a Lead Engineer role in a company developing emission reductions technology. He then moved in 2018 into energy consulting. Mike focuses on most critical issues and opportunities in business: strategy, operations, technology, transformation, advanced analytics, and sustainability. Mike writes fascinating stories meant to be read by anyone. He excels in simplifying complex subjects and bringing a fresh new perspective to pressing issues.