Kush Gupta

  I am a physician and biomedical engineer who is deeply frustrated with the current state of healthcare delivery. Clinically, I am particularly compelled by the medical complexity and humanistic challenges of caring for critically ill patients. In my free-time (depending on the season), I can be found skiing the slopes of Tahoe or kitesurfing out in the Bay.


3 Stories by Kush Gupta

‘Virtual healthcare’ – buzzword, opportunity, or impediment?

The COVID pandemic has catalyzed an unimaginably rapid adoption of virtual care. Virtual disease management service offerings, and the demand for them, have grown...
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D2C (direct to consumer) health-tech: How do we help, not hurt, our patients?

Direct-to-consumer healthcare. We see it more and more, and it is an increasing trend that’s been written about extensively (see: health-tech business models, the...
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Benchmarking Your (HealthTech) Startup? A Framework Around Metrics

You hear these terms all the time. Countless articles (here, here, here) enumerate the various metrics that can quantify the growth of your business....
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