Kush Gupta

  I am a physician and biomedical engineer who is deeply frustrated with the current state of healthcare delivery. Clinically, I am particularly compelled by the medical complexity and humanistic challenges of caring for critically ill patients. In my free-time (depending on the season), I can be found skiing the slopes of Tahoe or kitesurfing out in the Bay.


6 Stories by Kush Gupta

The Evolving Role Of The Doctor

The pandemic has catalyzed technology adoption within healthcare, and thus indirectly, has accelerated the evolution of physicians’ role within medicine and healthcare. This 2...
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The accelerating rate of healthcare innovation

Current economic headwinds are challenging, and we thought we’d take a momentary reprieve to zoom out and reflect on some of the longer-term trends...
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A Primer on Medicare Advantage, Risk Sharing, Capitation, and Value Based Care

Medicare advantage…risk sharing…capitation… value based care…what does it all mean?!? Such jargon can be unintuitive and intimidating, and is (unfortunately) increasingly ubiquitous within the...
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‘Virtual healthcare’ – buzzword, opportunity, or impediment?

The COVID pandemic has catalyzed an unimaginably rapid adoption of virtual care. Virtual disease management service offerings, and the demand for them, have grown...
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D2C (direct to consumer) health-tech: How do we help, not hurt, our patients?

Direct-to-consumer healthcare. We see it more and more, and it is an increasing trend that’s been written about extensively (see: health-tech business models, the...
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Benchmarking Your (HealthTech) Startup? A Framework Around Metrics

You hear these terms all the time. Countless articles (here, here, here) enumerate the various metrics that can quantify the growth of your business....
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