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DDI Blockchain Weekly (June 11th-17th)

By Justin Chan / June 19, 2018

It was yet another subdued week for the cryptocurrency complex, with markets continuing their downward trajectory early in the week, following the $40 million hack of Korean exchange Coinrail on June 10th. By Thursday, total market cap had hit $267 million – a 2-month low – before recovering modestly towards the end of the week. […]


How To Sharpen Your Investing Edge with Social Trading?

By Justin Chan / June 7, 2018

At DDI, we aim to highlight many of the most useful consumer-level technologies that can enable you to take charge of your investing future. Social trading is one such technology… If you consider yourself a novice investor, or perhaps lack the confidence to make independent trading decisions, the learning curve ahead of you might feel rather […]


Cryptocurrency 2018: is it worth investing in?

By Simone D. Casadei Bernardi / June 5, 2018

As we approach the half-way mark in the year, how will cryptocurrency shape up in Q3 and Q4? Here’s our insight into the future: With the combined market cap of $17.7bn at the start of 2017 shooting up to $613bn by the year’s end, 2018 has a lot of potential to be another landmark year for […]


All Things Cryptos.Forex.Stocks — 06/02/2018 (Weekly Roundup)

By Faisal Khan / June 2, 2018

That time of the week again when I review the Financial markets. Cryptocurrencies still treading waters after hitting new lows, US stocks proving their resilience in the face of every sell off & Greenback making new highs against Majors this week. Let’s slice off the information & go in a little detail for the 3 […]


USD backed Cryptos – An overview

By Faisal Khan / June 1, 2018

The widespread acceptance & adoption of Cryptocurrencies has led the Central banks around the world into mulling over the advantages of issuing the digital counterparts of their fiat currencies. The main contention that the financial authorities have with the existing Cryptos is the volatile & unpredictable price movements which can’t be associated with a fiat […]


Are Bots Controlling Crypto Markets?

By Justin Chan / May 31, 2018

So, it’s time to buy some of that cryptocurrency you’ve had your eyes on. You’ve done your research, the market price is low enough, and you’ve decided that it’s the right time to pull the trigger. You head on over to Binance and place your limit order just below the prevailing market price at the […]


Where are the Financial Markets headed?

By Faisal Khan / May 30, 2018

Usually I do a wrap up of the financial markets at the end of the week, but I am compelled to write something midweek with the U.S. Equities going on a roller coaster ride for the past couple of days. I am not one of the those Doomsday conspiracy theorists propagating a massive market crash […]


How Fintech Start-ups are Changing the Landscape of Digital Lending with Artificial Intelligence

By Suraj Agarwal / May 29, 2018

Owing to the Digital Literacy campaign initiated by the Government of India, Digital Lending has been booming in India. With a majority of users on-boarding digital platforms, there has been a rise in businesses supporting digital lending. Bringing credit facilities right where the users are, fin-tech digital lending startups are flourishing in India, solving the […]


Financial Regulators’ double edged sword against Cryptos

By Faisal Khan / May 29, 2018

  Let me start off by saying that despite being a huge proponent of the Crypto/Blockchain movement I still believe there should be some kind of transparency so that an average investor doesn’t get swindled by the ICO scammers, hacker heists or inside jobs. The U.S. SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) initiative in this regards […]


All Things Cryptos.Forex.Stocks — 05/26/2018 (Weekly Roundup)

By Faisal Khan / May 27, 2018

TGIF everyone & here’s my take on the 3 financial markets. The Cryptos remained firmly in the red as US Justice department begins to investigate whether the prices of the digital coins are being manipulated. Equities are following the premise “One step forward, two steps backwards” & Dollar bulls continued their rampage in the FX […]


Anti-Money Laundering Regulations — is your crypto-business safe and compliant?

By Simone D. Casadei Bernardi / May 18, 2018

With cryptocurrency giving criminals a new way of money laundering, it’s important that you safeguard your business and stay compliant. Here’s everything you need to know. The birth of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies has opened up a wealth of opportunities to businesses — from speeding up payment processes to safely sharing data for a more streamlined process. Yet, […]


The Compliance Revolution: An Introduction to RegTech

By Justin Chan / April 26, 2018

The FinTech boom continues to gather steam. We are now observing some fairly seismic transformations taking place across virtually the entire cross section of the finance industry, as machine learning, blockchain, big data and many more innovations disrupt incumbent IT infrastructure that’s associated with increasingly antiquated business models. What’s more, this disruption even extends to […]


What Criteria Do Venture Capitalists Consider When Seeding a Startup?

By Justin Chan / April 20, 2018

Venture capital funding climbed to a decade high in 2017.  Your startup’s current chances of attracting VC funding are higher at this moment right now than they have ever been. Despite the excess funding, the process isn’t simple, and investors are more critical now more than ever before. We found two of the biggest items […]


6 Ways to Spot an ICO Scam

By John DeCleene / April 14, 2018

Earlier this year in February, cryptocurrency news site announced the findings of its study of ICOs that were held during 2017. The most glaring result of all was that of the 902 projects that were tracked: 142 failed before raising funds 276 failed after fundraising a further 113 were considered “semi-failed” – either the […]


What’s Striking About The Lightning Network?

By Justin Chan / April 13, 2018

“You can think of the Bitcoin blockchain like a road, and a lot of cars want to get on the road. Right now, there’s a lot of traffic.” Elizabeth Stark, CEO and co-founder of Lightning Labs. It was a little over nine years ago when Satoshi Nakamoto published the much-revered Bitcoin whitepaper, which laid out […]


How Crypto Businesses Can Have Positive Relationships with Regulators

By Simone D. Casadei Bernardi / April 11, 2018

With more regulators circling the crypto-industry, learn how you can develop long-lasting relationships with them to minimise disruptions. Regulators are still trying to clamp down on unregulated methods of funding like Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Initial Token Offerings (ITOs) or Initial Security Offerings (ISOs). This raises a lot of issues for crypto-businesses, especially if business […]


6 Factors that Influence the Price of Cryptocurrencies

By Justin Chan / April 6, 2018

Given the massive and unpredictable volatility that cryptocurrencies have experienced ever since Bitcoin’s trading debut around nine years ago, one might be resigned to using mere guesswork to forecast the future direction of crypto prices. But it is possible to conduct a more scientific projection by being aware of several indicators and parameters that have […]

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