5 Apps Professional Crypto Traders Should Use

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As the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies increases, so does the number of applications and software for professional cryptocurrency traders. If you are actively managing a crypto asset portfolio, you should make use of all the possible tools that are available to you.

In this article, you will discover the five best apps for professional crypto traders that can help you stay on top of your digital currency investments.



 US-based Coinigy is a web-based platform that allows you to have access to over 45 exchanges with just one account. This is highly helpful as it lessens the need to keep track of many different logins for different exchanges. The app allows you to monitor your portfolio in real time and sell/buy at the best possible rates across exchanges. This can be especially beneficial if you are applying an arbitrage strategy.

Moreover, the app enables you to make use of more than 70 technical indicators and allows you to trade directly from the chart. Coinigy is built on multi-tiered server infrastructure as well as high-level encryption for your data, which makes it highly secure. In addition, the app lets you have full control over your funds as it does not hold your coins for you. Instead, they are stored on your wallet or exchange.

You are able to sign up to receive alerts on your mobile phone as an SMS, through your email or inside the app. Coinigy has provided useful resources such as historical price data as well as tutorials on how to use the platform. Should you require it, there is easy access to customer service. It also has mobile versions available for Android with plans to roll out an IOS app within the first quarter of 2018.



zTrader is an application that is currently only available for Android mobile phones. This free smartphone app allows digital currency traders to trade on 17 exchanges while on-the-go. The app supports bitcoin as well as all the other altcoins supported by the various exchanges on its roster.

You are able to trade seamlessly, making use of the charts, technical analysis tools and data offered within the app. The app also offers a market overview as well as a news feed, which contains live news from leading bitcoin and cryptocurrency publications. There is also a chat room where you can communicate with other users of the app to exchange market-related thoughts and ideas.

The app does not take up much space on your phones’ memory, using less than 3 MB. In addition, you can opt to reduce your data usage buy throttling the apps’ refresh rate. It also encrypts your API keys as well as enforcing a lock-out timer that you specify, ensuring enhanced security.



Keeping track of the investments you have put into digital currencies can be a challenge, especially if you have interests in a wide range of different coins. Blockfolio is a mobile app that can help to simplify that by displaying your cryptocurrency portfolio in its entirety on one screen.

The app has a simple user interface that is easy to use. You are able to track the changes in the value of your coin holdings as well as view detailed information such as candlestick charts, order book as well as market details for each coin. To capitalise on price movements, you can set the app to give you alerts when a certain price is achieved. This can help you take profits or reduce losses.

In addition, the app allows you to view stories from many major publications within the cryptocurrency space to keep you abreast of all relevant happenings. Blockfolio is free and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Tab Trader


TabTrader is a free app that is available for both iOS and Android. This smartphone app is best suited for those who already have substantial knowledge of cryptocurrency trading as it features sophisticated trading tools. However, it has a friendly user interface, providing a pleasant user experience.

The app supports over twenty exchanges and enables users to easily link accounts on the exchanges to the app using API keys. These keys are encrypted for maximum security.  In addition, the app will only have permission to view your balance and make trades but not withdraw any funds, keeping your investment safe.

The platform provides in-depth technical analysis using tools such as Bollinger Bands, stochastic, Fibonacci, MACD, moving average, as well as RSI among others. In addition, the app creates charts to allow you easily track the price movements of the currencies. To trade, you can execute directly from the charts as well as input in a manual order for precise order parameters.

TabTrader is a lightweight app and will send you alerts through push notifications on your mobile device. Moreover, there are no advertisements on the app, allowing you to focus on your trades without distractions.

coin tracking


CoinTracking is a web-based application that can help you keep track of the trades that you make. The site has data and historical information on most existing cryptocurrencies, with over 5155 coins supported.

Once you create a CoinTracking account and link your exchange account to it using either APIs’ or CSVs’, you can easily track your trades. The site will generate profit/loss charts, balances as well as display the value of your coins. It also displays your realized gains as well as alert you to any unrealized gains.

Moreover, you will be able to view all of your trades and fees, which are grouped by exchange. The web-based platform is SSL certified and fully encrypted, and does not have access to the funds in your exchange accounts.

CoinTracking is useful when it comes to calculating the taxes you should pay on your cryptocurrency profits. It can compile reports for you depending on the parameters your country requires as it supports all countries. The reports can be prepared and extracted with accountants and tax officers in mind.

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