Cryptocurrency 2018: is it worth investing in?

1 min read

As we approach the half-way mark in the year, how will cryptocurrency shape up in Q3 and Q4? Here’s our insight into the future: With the combined market cap of $17.7bn at the start of 2017 shooting up to $613bn by the year’s end, 2018 has a lot of potential to be another landmark year for cryptocurrency. Here’s a quick snapshot into what the remainder of 2018 has in store for cryptocurrency and whether you should consider joining the revolution. Tougher measures and regulations are coming With the head of Europe’s policy agency revealing that criminals in Europe are using cryptocurrencies to…...

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Simone D. Casadei Bernardi I have a strong expertise in internationalisation strategy, company formation, financial and blockchain projects' compliance, and business analysis. Please, feel free to connect with me.