How to Not Be Creepy While Using Employee Data in Workforce Management

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Tech companies (ab)using personal data is today’s 1984. And while Facebook is at the forefront of our outrage, a growing industry in the HR Tech space is also experiencing challenges overcoming the creepiness factor of mining all our interactions at work. HR Tech Over the past years, there has been a minor explosion of startups working in the datafication of workforce performance.  This burst of modern-day HR tools is a result of 3 trends: our work lives being captured on communication and productivity software tools the continuing social media indoctrination that feeds our obsession to swipe, like and comment price…...

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Mona Sabet Mona Sabet is a recovering tech startup founder turned advisor and investor and returned tech M&A professional. She lives in Silicon Valley and is an avid advocate of diversity. ( (@monasnews)