Why France is Becoming an ICO Friendly Nation

1 min read

When it comes to crypto-based projects, France hasn’t always been regarded as one of the best nations for investors and businesses to consider. However, there’s a change in the wind and it may well alter your perception entirely. As a country, France has always kept itself on the periphery with initial coin offerings (ICOs) and blockchain advancements. However, in recent news, the French Treasury has started to recognise the positive need for ICOs. In short, they believe that it can help balance innovation and toxic investments in the ICO field. As a result, the Autorité des Marchés Financier (AMF), the French…...

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Simone D. Casadei Bernardi I have a strong expertise in internationalisation strategy, company formation, financial and blockchain projects' compliance, and business analysis. Please, feel free to connect with me.