Creators suck at getting paid. Sure, there are platforms like YouTube that can become really lucrative – once you get like a million followers. There’s not much structure in between being a YouTube millionaire and having a small business where you monetize your knowledge. Knowledge commerce can be tricky, especially if you are focusing, rightly, on the thing you are passionate about instead of on getting paid for sharing your knowledge of that thing. Fortunately, there is technology that can help you become an infopreneur and turn your passion into a paying small business.

Knowledge commerce is all about packaging up your knowledge in a way that people are interested in buying it. Sure, you can self publish some books and make a few podcasts and you can even enroll people in a class to learn the ins and the outs of your knowledge base. But it’s difficult to do that over and over again, packaging everything up freshly for every new customer or student. Technology that stitches together all the functions of knowledge commerce can eliminate any of the redundancies to streamline the process of getting paid for sharing your knowledge.

Learn more about knowledge commerce and becoming an infopreneur from this infographic!

knowledge of commerce


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