According to the 2017 BrandMuscle Effectiveness Index, hosting and sponsoring events is one of the most effective channels for local marketing. Yet many local businesses are still relying on social media and even email for their local marketing needs.

Smart business leaders understand how essential it is to make a good impression on the community in which they reside. They understand that a business can only grow when it has the support of its neighbors and local community. To this extent, businesses should work to become part of the community, rather than just a corporation whose headquarters lies within the city limits. To make this a reality, businesses of every size turn to opportunities for corporate sponsorship. For anyone who has participated in a local 5k run/walk, they’ll be familiar with corporate sponsorships featured on the t-shirts or water bottles.

Though this kind of charitable work and community development, local businesses make a statement that they are just as invested in community growth as they are in their own corporate success. Of those local businesses who chose to get involved with corporate sponsorships, 80% are satisfied with the results. Upping search visibility in local SEO contexts, being featured in local magazines, blogs, newsletters, and more makes a business stand out and encourages word of mouth advertisement that simply cannot be bought through ads.

How does your business use corporate sponsorship? Take a look at this infographic for more on local event sponsorship and how it helps grow businesses and communities side by side.



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